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April 8, 2014 connect the most innovative creators of Catalunya from wherever you are. Time: 21h BCN, 13h West Coast, 15h East Coast,

14h Colombia, 16h Brasil.

In his interview at EYECatalunya Lluís Bussé (Barcelona, 1961), talks about his photographic work and about the interviews he publishes in his blog. In conversation with Patricia Caicedo he talks about the motivations of his artistic work and his future projects.

Close-Up interviews:
Paying tributes to people I like:

No t’ho perdis – Canal 33 – Microdocumental Barcelona’s Multiverse

07/08/2012 – 09/08/2012

Enllaç al microdocumental:

El Pla B – BTV – Divulgació – 09.07.12

TV3 TN Comarques – 27.06.2012

 24/06/2012 20:31h Cultura, Vídeos

Fantasia i fotografia – REPORTATGE
L’artista Lluís Bussé ens proposa una Barcelona sorprenent i imaginària en una exposició fotogràfica al Palau Robert. Una ciutat inventada que trobareu a Barcelona’s Multiverse.

Palau Robert Audiovisual

BTV, en directe. Connexió Barcelona, 21.06.12Barcelona's Multiverse



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