Works and Days

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These images were created on scores of walks around Barcelona spent taking photographs of the most emblematic buildings in the city. According to the Multiverse theory of M.I.T.’s Max Tegmark, the unknown portions of universe should be capable of being described in terms of the physical laws and constants that apply to the known universe. Barcelona’s Multiverse is an executed expression of this theory in my city: I have created an imaginary Barcelona in a universe not visible from ours. In combining these images, I have manipulated their edges, but not retouched the content. Thus, we can see the Agbar Tower resituated in the Park Güell; la Sagrada Família on a beach; or surfing in the Plaça Catalunya.
The series was published by Damiani Editore in April of this year and will be released worldwide in September. Born and bred in Barcelona, Lluís Busse (Barcelona’s Multiverse) is a Phd in Philosophy who also holds a fine arts degree. He works in Barcelona as a visual artist, photographer and poet. Barcelona’s Multiverse was recently published in its entirety, containing both Busse’s photographs and prose. In 2013, Busse will publish his upcoming book of poems simultaneously in Spain and Romania. Additionally, Musée Magazine (Nº. 3, “Breaking Traditions”) will feature his latest photo project. This summer, Busse’s work may be visited at Sala2 of Palau Robert (Information Centre of Catalonia) in Barcelona. More information is available online at