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  • Barcelona’s Multiverse

    Barcelona’s Multiverse is a term based on the possibility of another Barcelona in a universe not visible from ours. With the title of the book in English Barcelona’s Multiverse, the author Lluís Bussé (Barcelona, 1961) takes the photomontages of various emblematic locations of Barcelona, with the intention of showing the existence of another Barcelona whose laws and physical constants would be similar to ours. It is based on the theories of theoretical physicist, Max Tegmark in the Multiverse Level I. The exhibition of photographs from the book is exposed today in the Palau Robert in Barcelona (from 21 June to 11 September 2012).

  • barcelona-metropolitan.com

    ‘Barcelona’s Multiverse’ by Lluís Bussé shows a new perspective of the city through a series of imaginary situations and places. The artist is captivated by well-known places such as Sagrada Familia, Torre Agbar, Mar Bella beach, Parc Güell and more. Bussé seeks to blend science and art in all his works; in this exhibition, he […]