The Monochrome Experience: La Boqueria

La Boqueria is the most famous market in Barcelona around the world. The city center beats every day, with more than 200 vendors for their blinds, smells, meals and cuisine. A festival for the senses… This is the other entrance.

The Monochrome Experience: Seagull flow

The sea is the canvas. Seagulls paint abstract drops. The torso man is a white spot. The woman with the sunglasses and the enigmatic smile, the time. The needles of the horizon obey a certain order and a warning to the seagulls: do not rest here, or you will prick the feathers.

The Monochrome Experience: Giants

Photographing giants is a festive activity that modifies our human scale. We are insignificant if we compare ourselves with them. They dance and wear their best clothes. It is something magnificent that allows us to daydream and forget the gear of wealth redistribution and the intrusive digital marketing.




The Monochrome Experience: Avoid Plastic!

Exchange plastic bags for reusable ones, carts or baskets.

Do not use plastic cups, plates and cutlery when you are away from home.

Buy your food in bulk and avoid excess packaging, such as trays.

Change the plastic caps by stainless steel or glass.

Avoid the use of cosmetics that have plastic microspheres in their composition.

Drink tap water, not bottled water.

Choose containers for your drinks and liquids that are returnable, such as glass, instead of brick and plastic bottles.

Reduce your baby’s exposure to plastic, not using plastic bottles.

Look for wooden, cloth, or latex and natural rubber toys.

Say no to disposable razors.

Try to get hygiene and personal care products that are not packed in plastics and that do not contain microplastics in their composition.

Avoid cleaning products packed in plastic.

Refill metal lighters.

If it is impossible, then reduce your plastic consumption further.




The Monochrome Experience: Up

Seeing the world on the shoulders of the father or mother is a wonderful thing. Some of us hardly remember the beautiful views, there, in the heights. These privileged views only run for a short period. Because the boy or girl grows and gain weight, which contributes to abandon childhood in some way and enter the territory of reality. Parents are no longer giants and little ones have become teenagers.



The Monochrome Experience: Strange Things

Sometimes photographs capture strange situations. A bike that looks like a motorcycle. A woman with sunglasses who put her hand on her forehead so as not to be blinded by light. The old man looking inside his nose. The bike with too many wheels. One strange street with the two men below and the woman at the window (surreal environment permeates everything). The inflatable helicopter patrolling the city. The crosswalk crowded with babies in strollers…

The Monochrome Experience: Vertigo

At fairs the photographer has the opportunity to capture unusual lights, dizzying situations and images of suggestive rarity. There are frightening attractions with terrified screaming teenagers, noise, smells, clouds of artificial gas and the smell of fast food. But everyone, children, parents and older people have a great time.


The Monochrome Experience: Just Shapes

Shapes today are dominant over the representation. I do not want to watch for the meaning of undulating chains, a giant shell, two stones at right angles, the capricious curves of a crowd of chairs, the girl who goes down the steps, the small woman in the distance of a cloudy forest, or the lunch with the windows and the backlighting walls. Today must be the shapes that speak. I like it enough. It is complex for me to explain the meaning. An intellectual exercise that spoils what one sees when enjoying or feel a photograph.


The Monochrome Experience: Cool Shot

The night is full of surprises. A showcase where to set the focus, capture scenes and test the abilities of the photographer.

The Monochrome Experience: Crossed Lifes

On a quantum level the laws of physics overflow our cartesian existence. If we imagine the subjects as quantum particles, the photographer would attend an experiment in the Nature’s laboratory.


The Monochrome Experience: Framed

Sometimes the protagonists are distributed with mastery in the framework of photography. Random, luck and opportunity make their appearance.

The Monochrome Experience: Casual Things

I especially like the flower in the pond. It has been almost a miracle to do it. The rest of the series has no special interest but can be seen without further ado. I like the one of the girl who doesn’t have her feet on the floor and watch a guy who looks in the same direction. Today I did something with the shadows. The projected branches in the sand… Summer, days, casual things.

The Monochrome Experience: Subtle Situations

Seeing a photograph is a visual and intellectual pleasure. Just like reading a good book, just like listening carefully to an immortal concert or opera. Sometimes relationships are established between the elements of the image, certain contrasts, a kind of dialogue between the subjects. I do not mean the composition or the usual rules of the four thirds, I speak about the subtle situations. In this series I especially like the photograph of the woman who crosses La Rambla. The female protagonist establishes a formal relationship with the three-arm lamppost. Why? The woman also has three arms and a point of distant light at the tip of the nose!

The Monochrome Experience: White Background

Finding a white background in a city is almost a miracle. The subjects lack external reference and the eyes are concentrated in their details: clothing, style, action, physiognomy. A gift for lovers of street photography.

The Monochrome Experience: Barcelona’s Old Town

An attempt to capture the transience of light in black and white, snapshots with fixed optics at f/8, sometimes tricking the camera’s photometer with high speeds in order to create sharp contrasts. Check inside the post the full gallery.

Cada día un fotógrafo

Lluís Bussé

Lluís Bussé es un fotógrafo catalán, cuya obra presenta una Barcelona imaginaria llena de fantasía y sorpresa, con multiplicidad de imágenes y perspectivas inventadas que dibujan otra ciudad condal posible.

© Lluís Bussé

© Lluís Bussé


Lluís Bussé, doctor en Filosofía y licenciado en Bellas Artes, crea una Barcelona nueva, después de recorrer y hacer miles de fotografías, con sorprendentes imágenes de la Sagrada Familia en la playa de la Mar Bella, la Torre Agbar en el Parque Güell o la Plaza de Cataluña con surfistas nos sitúan en una visión nueva y original.

Este ejercicio creativo se basa en la combinación de disciplinas diversas, asociando fotografía y cosmología, la disciplina filosófica que trata del origen y la constitución del Universo. La propuesta se inspira en la teoría del multiverse del matemático Hugh Everett, que se refiere a nuestro universo como uno más de otros posibles universos. El físico Max Tegmark (MIT) refuerza esta idea cuando clasifica los universos existentes en niveles diferentes. El multiverse de primer nivel, en el que se basa su obra Barcelona’s Multiverse, señala que existen universos paralelos que comparten las mismas leyes y constantes físicas que el nuestro y que presentan, por tanto, gran similitud.

La serie (exposición y libro) presenta las imágenes en tres apartados: el primero muestra edificios significativos de la ciudad reubicados, el segundo, una posible Barcelona con canales al estilo veneciano, y el tercero, una Barcelona construida directamente sobre la playa y el mar.

La exposición, con sus fotografías en blanco y negro, se ha mostrado en el Palau Robert de Barcelona y en el 4º Festival de Ciudades Invisibles de Portimão, Portugal.

El libro también reúne textos de diversos autores sobre la teoría del multiverse.

Just another diary

Pessoal de Portimão e arredores que gosta de fotografia, isto é para vocês!

Vai haver no Teatro Municipal de Portimão entre os dias 19 de Outubro e 10 de Novembro uma exposição do fotógrafo Lluís Bussé onde ele mostra os “Universos paralelos” de Barcelona como podem ver aqui.
Uma exposição que, sem dúvida alguma, vale a pena ver!
Pena eu ser do Norte, mas pode ser que tenha a sorte e ele venha cá para cima!

Câmara Municipal de Portimão

Festival Cidades Invisíveis
A 4.ª edição do Festival Cidades Invisíveis tem como tema Barcelona. Guiado por Eduardo Mendoza, o Teatro Municipal de Portimão propõe uma viagem em redor da Barcelona literária lendária, mítica, fantástica e já desaparecida, e interpela a Barcelona actual, através dos seus criadores contemporâneos, com uma programação de música, teatro, novo-circo, dança, fotografia, cinema e literatura.

19 outubro a 10 novembro
De terça a sábado das 14h00 às 19h00 e em dias de espectáculo das 14h00 às 21h30

2012-10-19 a 2012-11-10

Festival of Invisible Cities – Barcelona

The theme of the 4th Festival of Invisible Cities is Barcelona.
Led by Eduardo Mendoza, the Teatro Municipal de Portimão proposes a trip around a legendary, literary, mythical, fabulous and disappeared Barcelona and challenges the current Barcelona, through its contemporary creators, with a programme of music, theater, dance, new-circus, photography, cinema and literature.
Exhibitions can be viewed Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm until 7pm and on show days from 2pm until 21.30


Oct 19th – Nov 10th
Photographic Exhibition – Exhibition Room
Oct 19th – Oct 27th – Photography Workshop
with Susana Paiva -| Rehearsal room
October 20th at 21h30
Music for Wild Anmimals
THEATRE, New-Circus, Music
Big Auditorium Nuno Mergulhão
Tickets are on sale for €14 & €16
Oct 24th & 25th
Dance Workshop with Maria Rovira from 7pm to 9pm
Limited to 20 participants – Price: €30
October 24th to 26th at 21.30
Cinema Cycle – VENTURA PONS
CINEMA in the Small Auditorium. Entrance: €2 per film.
October 27th at 19.00
Community of Readers – The City of Wonders, By Eduardo Mendoza LITERATURE in the Coffee Concert
Limited to 30 partiipants: Registrations until October 25th at Tempo Ticket Office.
October 27th at 21.30
CONTEMPORARY DANCE/FLAMENCO in the The Big Auditorium Dance
Tickets are on sale for €12.50 & €15
 October 29th, 10am to 12:30 & 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm
BARCELONA: History of a City That Has Gone From Almost Nothing To The First Division
Small Auditorium

Teatre Municipal de Portimão

L’exposició “Barcelona’s Multiverse”, una de les propostes del IV Festival de les Ciutats Invisibles de Portimão
L’exposició fotogràfica “Barcelona’s Multiverse”, que es va inaugurar i presentar durant l’estiu al Palau Robert, és una de les activitats programades en el IV Festival de les Ciutats Invisibles, que se celebra al Teatre municipal de la ciutat portuguesa de Portimão, a la regió de l’Algarve. Una mostra que ens trasllada a una Barcelona imaginària, amb escenaris nous que inventa Lluís Bussé, associant i encaixant imatges de llocs i monuments molt coneguts.
La Barcelona imaginària de Bussé, doctor en Filosofia i llicenciat en Belles Arts, és pura fantasia i sorpresa, amb multiplicitat d’imatges i perspectives inventades que dibuixen una altra Barcelona possible, que pot existir en un univers paral·lel. Les sorprenents imatges, en blanc i negre, de la Sagrada Família a la platja de la Mar Bella, la Torre Agbar al Parc Güell o la Plaça de Catalunya amb surfistes ens situen en una visió nova i original.
L’exercici creatiu de Lluís Bussé es basa en la combinació de disciplines diverses, busca la barreja d’art i ciència. En aquest cas associa la fotografia i la cosmologia, la disciplina filosòfica que tracta de l’origen i la constitució de l’Univers. La proposta s’inspira en la teoria del “multiverse” del matemàtic Hugh Everett, segons la qual el nostre univers pot ser un més d’altres possibles universos. El físic Max Tegmark (MIT) reforça aquesta idea quan classifica els universos existents en nivells diferents. El “multiverse” de primer nivell, en el qual es basa el llibre, assenyala que hi ha universos paral·lels que comparteixen les mateixes lleis i constants físiques que el nostre i que hi presenten, per tant, gran similitud.
Les fotografies que es presenten a l’exposició, produïda pel Palau Robert, pertanyen al llibre de Lluís Bussé “Barcelona’s Multiverse”, publicat en anglès per Damiani Editore, amb la col·laboració de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona. El llibre també aplega textos de diversos autors sobre la teoria del “multiverse”.
El Festival d’enguany està dedicat al novel·lista Eduardo Mendoza i a la seva novel·la “La Ciudad de los prodigios”, una novel·la d’Eduardo Mendoza publicada el 1986 i que fa referència a l’evolució de la ciutat de Barcelona en el període comprès entre les exposicions universals de 1888 y 1929. Aquest esdeveniment inclou una programació amb música, teatre, circ, dansa, fotografia, cinema i literatura.
The exhibition “Barcelona’s Multiverse”, on the line-up of activities at the Festival of Invisible Cities in Portimão
The photography exhibition “Barcelona’s Multiverse”, which opened and was on display at the Palau Robert this summer, is among the line-up of activities at the 4th edition of the Festival of Invisible Cities, held in the Municipal Theatre of the Portuguese city of Portimão, in the region of the Algarve. An exhibition that transports us to an imaginary Barcelona, with new scenarios invented by Lluís Bussé, who juxtaposes and fits together images of well-known locations and monuments.
Bussé, holding a PhD in Philosophy and a degree in Fine Arts, creates an imaginary Barcelona that is the epitome of fantasy and surprise, featuring a great variety of invented images and perspectives that depict another possible Barcelona, which might exist in a parallel universe. The surprising black-and-white images of the Sagrada Família at Mar Bella beach, the Torre Agbar at Park Güell and Plaça de Catalunya with surfers afford us a new and original perspective.
Lluís Bussé’s creative exercise draws its inspiration from the “multiverse” theory developed by the mathematician Hugh Everett, according to which our universe may be one of several possible universes.


A 4.ª edição do Festival Cidades Invisíveis terá como tema Barcelona, cenário literário de A Cidade dos Prodígios de Eduardo Mendoza, autor que nos guiará numa viagem em redor da Barcelona literária lendária, mítica, fantástica e já desaparecida, para interpelarmos a Barcelona actual, através dos seus criadores contemporâneos, nas suas múltiplas formas de expressão artística. Pela natureza transdisciplinar que caracteriza este festival, propomos uma programação de música, teatro, novo-circo, dança, fotografia, cinema e literatura.
O festival conta com o apoio de: Institut Ramon Llull, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB), Catalan Films & TV e Palau Robert (Generalitat de Catalunya).

19 Outubro a 10 Novembro
Sala de Exposições

The city of Barcelona will be the theme of the 4th edition of the Cidades Invisíveis Festival, with a program of music, theater, new circus, dance, photography, cinema and literature.

First Hand

Tech as it happens

Report: See the link about “Barcelona’s Multiverse”

See Holy Family surrounded by bathers or a yacht anchored on entry is only possible-for now-in “Barcelona’s Multiverse”. Comprised of 38 images from the book titled, this exhibition serves to Lluís Busse to apply to photography theory “multiverse” in our world we can see only one of many possible universes. Busse shows others in his compositions.

La Vanguardia – Què fem?

LA VANGUARDIA 07/09/2012
L’exposició fotográfica Barcelona’s Multiverse al Palau Robert ens mostra el món imaginari creat per Lluís Bussé que ha encaixat imatges i monuments de la ciutat en llocs diferents d’aquells a què pertanyen, i així ha creat una ciutat que ens és coneguda però que alhora ens sorprèn i ens transporta a un univers paral·lel. Us podeu imaginar la Sagrda Família enmig de la platja o surfistes a la Plaça Catalunya? Més informació a:


Cultura El País – Agenda de Tentaciones

MÁS OCIO – Enlace

Obra de Lluís Bussé.

Barcelona Arte: Lluís Bussé (hasta el 11 de septiembre. Palau Robert). ¿Una playa frente a la Sagrada Familia? ¿Hacer surf en surf en Plaza Cataluña? ¿Navegar por el Paseo de Gracia…? En Barcelona’s multiverse el doctor en Filosofía y licenciado en Bellas Artes propone un recorrido por una Barcelona imaginaria con imágenes de lugares y monumentos muy conocidos que en escenarios nuevos que podrían existir en un universo paralelo.

Entrevista a “la xarxa” (COM Ràdio)

Enllaç Youtube a l’entrevista

Entrevista La Tarda de Barcelona

Aúdio del dilluns 03/09/12 al programa de la xarxa (COM ràdio), “La tarda de Barcelona” amb Vanessa Raja. En directe la periodista Esther Minguell des del Palau Robert parla de l’exposició “Barcelona’s Multivers”.