The Monochrome Experience: Pedestrians 🚶

Walking has always been the primary means of human locomotion.

The Monochrome Experience: Seeking Beauty

Surely the issue lies in knowing how to wait for the moment where the elements are conjured for the eye, the trigger and chance. When they all dance with the wind of opportunity, take the picture.

Be there and leave trace.

Monochrome Swimmers


It is curious that the human being has an innate sense for competition, always with the illusion of reaching a goal. Only contemplating these swimmers is in itself a superhuman effort. Any spectator immediately activates their mirror cells and encourages them: –Come on, champions! One more effort!

The Monochrome Experience

An attempt to capture the transience of light in black and white, snapshots with fixed optics at f/8, sometimes tricking the camera’s photometer with high speeds in order to create sharp contrasts. Check inside the post the full gallery.