The Monochrome Experience: Mirror-Image Universe

New experiments reveal hints of a world and a reality that are complete reflections of ours, with some particles capable of switching between the two. This mirrorverse may be able to solve the mystery of the universe’s missing dark matter. Nestling within the fabric of space and time alongside our own familiar universe, the implications would be astounding.


The Monochrome Experience: No Way!

A smile appears drawn and someone thinks: No way!
The couple practicing Chi Kung or Qi Gong, Tai Chi or some modality in the park. The subject with the package in the middle of Aragon Street. The white lines of the asphalt point towards him. Women with cell phones in another dimension of reality, the two Orientals looking without seeing. The usual these days.

The Monochrome Experience: Wrapped Statues in White Cloth and Nets

Modern art visited the Columbus monument in Barcelona. A necessary restoration of the statues of the base (66 ft) wide circle, with four staircases. For me, in my humble opinion, now the statues from the buttresses and against the pedestal reach the top artistic zenith. They should always be like that: wrapped in white fabrics and knotted networks. The viewer imagines the interior they hide, emulating the artistic works of Christo Javacheff. Awesome!

The Monochrome Experience: Giants

Photographing giants is a festive activity that modifies our human scale. We are insignificant if we compare ourselves with them. They dance and wear their best clothes. It is something magnificent that allows us to daydream and forget the gear of wealth redistribution and the intrusive digital marketing.




The Monochrome Experience: Strange Things

Sometimes photographs capture strange situations. The inflatable helicopter patrolling the city. A bike that looks like a motorcycle. A woman with sunglasses who put her hand on her forehead so as not to be blinded by light. The crosswalk crowded with babies in strollers…

The Monochrome Experience: Acrobats

In the sand of a beach, during the summer, you can discover acrobats of concentration, acrobats who make the vertical to read an invisible book and acrobats who perform risky somersaults driving themselves into the trunk of a tree from a shipwreck. Anything goes up.

La Vanguardia – Què fem?

LA VANGUARDIA 07/09/2012
L’exposició fotográfica Barcelona’s Multiverse al Palau Robert ens mostra el món imaginari creat per Lluís Bussé que ha encaixat imatges i monuments de la ciutat en llocs diferents d’aquells a què pertanyen, i així ha creat una ciutat que ens és coneguda però que alhora ens sorprèn i ens transporta a un univers paral·lel. Us podeu imaginar la Sagrda Família enmig de la platja o surfistes a la Plaça Catalunya? Més informació a:


Cultura El País – Agenda de Tentaciones

MÁS OCIO – Enlace

Obra de Lluís Bussé.

Barcelona Arte: Lluís Bussé (hasta el 11 de septiembre. Palau Robert). ¿Una playa frente a la Sagrada Familia? ¿Hacer surf en surf en Plaza Cataluña? ¿Navegar por el Paseo de Gracia…? En Barcelona’s multiverse el doctor en Filosofía y licenciado en Bellas Artes propone un recorrido por una Barcelona imaginaria con imágenes de lugares y monumentos muy conocidos que en escenarios nuevos que podrían existir en un universo paralelo.