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  • The Monochrome Experience: Whimsy Light

    The Monochrome Experience: Whimsy Light

    The light is whimsical, fortunately. Watch this woman, down the subway scales. She wears a very radical hairstyle. Half shaved hair, with the shell (half head) in sight. And the light, as the bold hairstyle points out, illuminates just the place of the shorter hair. A form of light that is repeated under the staggered step. The other two photographs have peculiar relationships: the infused boy and the others who see him understood; the girl in the dress and the cone of circulation.

  • The Monochrome Experience: Wrapped Statues  in White Cloth and Nets

    The Monochrome Experience: Wrapped Statues in White Cloth and Nets

    Modern art visited the Columbus monument in Barcelona. A necessary restoration of the statues of the base (66 ft) wide circle, with four staircases. For me, in my humble opinion, now the statues from the buttresses and against the pedestal reach the top artistic zenith. They should always be like that: wrapped in white fabrics and knotted networks. The viewer imagines the interior they hide, emulating the artistic works of Christo Javacheff. Awesome!

  • The Monochrome Experience: Warning To The Seagulls

    The Monochrome Experience: Warning To The Seagulls

    The sea is the canvas. Seagulls paint abstract drops. The torso man is a white spot. The woman with the sunglasses and the enigmatic smile, the time. The needles of the horizon obey a certain order and a warning to the seagulls: do not rest here, or you will prick the feathers.

  • The Monochrome Experience: Crossed Lifes

    The Monochrome Experience: Crossed Lifes

    On a quantum level the laws of physics overflow our cartesian existence. If we imagine the subjects as quantum particles, the photographer would attend an experiment in the Nature’s laboratory.

  • El Pla B – BTV – Barcelona’s Multiverse

    El Pla B – Divulgació – 09.07.12 Clic the image

  • Tv3 TN Comarques 27.06.12

    TV3 TN Comarques – 27.06.2012

  • Barcelona’s Multiverse

    Barcelona’s Multiverse is a term based on the possibility of another Barcelona in a universe not visible from ours. With the title of the book in English Barcelona’s Multiverse, the author Lluís Bussé (Barcelona, 1961) takes the photomontages of various emblematic locations of Barcelona, with the intention of showing the existence of another Barcelona whose laws and physical constants would be similar to ours. It is based on the theories of theoretical physicist, Max Tegmark in the Multiverse Level I. The exhibition of photographs from the book is exposed today in the Palau Robert in Barcelona (from 21 June to 11 September 2012).

  • BTV – Galeria

    Una Barcelona imaginària al Palau Robert

  • Cultura El País – Agenda de Tentaciones

    MÁS OCIO – Enlace Obra de Lluís Bussé. Barcelona Arte: Lluís Bussé (hasta el 11 de septiembre. Palau Robert). ¿Una playa frente a la Sagrada Familia? ¿Hacer surf en surf en Plaza Cataluña? ¿Navegar por el Paseo de Gracia…? En Barcelona’s multiverse el doctor en Filosofía y licenciado en Bellas Artes propone un recorrido por […]

  • w110

    Una Barcelona imaginària (enllaç) Publicat el 01/08/2012 Què us semblaria trobar la Sagrada Família a la platja de la Mar Bella? I si la Torre Agbar es trasllada al Parc Güell? L’artista Lluís Bussé no només ho ha imaginat, sinó que amb un treball fotogràfic acurat ha creat unes sorprenents imatges d’una Barcelona inventada. Aquestes […]

  • Cosasdebarcelona

    La Barcelona imaginaria de Lluís Bussé en el Palau Robert (enlace web) Por: Raquel SM ¿Existe un universo paralelo? De ser así, el artista Lluís Bussé nos muestra, en una original exposición en el Palau Robert, su visión personal de esa Barcelona imaginaria. De esta forma, inventa escenarios y paisajes que combinan los lugares más […]

  • Fashionably Late

    El artista Lluís Bussé presenta un esmerado trabajo fotográfico de imágenes de una Barcelona reinventada: La Sagrada Familia en la playa de Mar Bella o la Torre Agbar en el Parque Güell. Del 21.06 al 10.09 en El Palau Robert