Lluís Bussé – Les imatges de la memòria col·lectiva‬

April 8, 2014 connect the most innovative creators of Catalunya from wherever you are. Time: 21h BCN, 13h West Coast, 15h East Coast, 14h Colombia, 16h Brasil.

In his interview at EYECatalunya Lluís Bussé (Barcelona, 1961), talks about his photographic work and about the interviews he publishes in his blog. In conversation with Patricia Caicedo he talks about the motivations of his artistic work and his future projects.

Close-Up interviews:

Paying tributes to people I like: https://lluisbusse.wordpress.com/paying-tribute-to-artists-i-like/

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Link: The artist Lluis Busse has imagined parallel universes in Barcelona
Barcelona’s Multiverse, by Lluis Busse
Barcelona's Multiverse, by Lluis Busse

Barcelona’s Multiverse, by Lluis Busse

In an exhibition at the Palau Robert
The Palau Robert in Barcelona offers a journey through an imaginary Barcelona thanks to the captivating and original photographic work of Louis Busse that combines images and fits very well known sites and monuments. He invents a new city with scenarios that may exist in a parallel universe. The exhibition Barcelona’s Multiverse can be visited from 21 June to 10 September, in Room 2 of the Palau Robert, Barcelona (Spain).
Lluis Busse, Doctor of Philosophy and degree in Fine Arts, has created a new Barcelona with thousands of photos. His imaginary Barcelona is pure fantasy and surprise, with a multiplicity of images and perspectives which invent another possible Barcelona. The Holy Family, the Agbar Tower in the Park Güell or the Plaza de Catalonia turn into a new and original point of view.
Lluis Busse combines several disciplines: art and science, photography and cosmology, to arrive at the origin and constitution of the universe. The proposal is based on the theory of “multiverse” of mathematician Hugh Everett, because our universe can be an addition to other possible universes. The physicist Max Tegmark (MIT) reinforces this idea when classifies universes existing in different levels. There are parallel universes that share the same physical laws and constants that our present world.
The exhibition presents images in three sections: the first shows significant buildings in the city relocated, the second a Barcelona with a possible channels in Venetian style, and the third, a city that built directly on the beach and the sea.
The photographs presented in the exhibition, black and white, belong to the book Barcelona’s Multiverse, published in English by Damiani Editore, with the collaboration of the City Council. The book also includes texts by various authors of the theory of the multiverse.