The O Universe

In a Ou (O universe) we have packs /sets /quanta of Time square multiplied by the Energy square.

OU = T2 E2

Let’s think of a house as a O universe. In it we have different rooms. Each one has a function: the dining room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom. Also suppose we have some tenants, a family: the mother, the father, the daughter.

This house is new, it is part of a building, with different floors: the ground floor, the first floor, the attic, the community area, the parking. Each floor in a universe that is part of a supermassive universe, the community of neighbors with their owners and tenants who live for a certain period of time. Some families leave the home and settle in others, make a move. Let’s go back to the floor of the Ou universe, where the family lives: a few hundred billion galaxies with astonishing ring and spiral-arm morphologies, millions of solar systems, countless planets, clouds, gases, nursery stars, tadpoles, constellations. Let us unify the content, the orbits and the interstellar systems in the family concept, the visible matter of the Ou universe.

Now something unusual is happening: Ou’s upper house is abandoned. Her tenants left the universe. On top of Ou, we have the Oa universe. These two universes are in contact. It is the way to build the Super-massive Universe: Osm.

Ou’s family has experienced a domestic disaster: leaks! Water falls in the bathroom, through the ceiling lights, water slides down the walls of the dining room, down the ceiling of the kitchen. Due to this annoying situation the family must contain water in various containers: plastic bins, mop buckets, large bowls …

This operation requires a certain discipline, sometimes the water stops falling, other times it falls very quickly… Making an analogy we can think of black holes that fall like drops through the Ou universe, until they form a super-massive hole and the container spills over the kitchen floor, creating a supernova, or intertwining constellations. So we have different events in the Ou Universe, all of them independent, because in each room of the universe, the water falls with a different intensity at different time intervals.

Something extraordinary has happened, in one of the walls of the dining room the water (a collective drain, or a small puddle that decays due to permeability) has formed, after a few billion years, a gigantic constellation of spores, black, yellow, green spots heterogeneous, they have drawn a huge nebula (an Eagle Nebula parent).

If we think about the walls of the Ou house, peering deeply the limits, the boundaries, on the one hand that while in some rooms there are no leaks, in others there are. If the inhabitants only live in the dining room, the bathroom and the kitchen, they do not know the limits of the O Universe. Or perhaps they do not know that there is a guest room or a beautiful terrace. On the other hand, if we think about the dining room incident, the energy and matter of the Oa universe seeps into Ou, in the dining room with a smooth way. The walls could be branes of string theory. It is important to note that in other rooms, domestic life develops normally. Thus, in the O universe different independent events occur simultaneously, whether we are in a room without leaks (absence of chaos and entropy), or in other rooms where a multitude of cosmic events that obey certain physical laws are triggered: gravitational forces, repulsion and attraction of celestial bodies, birth and death of stars, energy exchange, matter and antimatter, entanglement of photons from stars and / or cosmic neutrinos, gravitational waves, immense strings of galaxies collecting vast clusters like the Galactic cluster Abell in the constellation Draco, spanning dark matter and the flux of the enigmatic dark energy, Lagrange points…



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