All known physics

Humankind in its quest to discover the secrets of matter use the scientific method, standing out in areas such as astrophysics and particle physics. All in all, the road is long, and precise, as is already known from the famous theory of unification. It is wonderful to observe the following formulas that try to unravel the meaning of life through equations and summarize what we know about physics. Some theoretical physicists caress the beauty of the natural order, assuming that the universe must be simple and also very understandable. They seek as knights of the Middle Ages the secret of immortality, the essence of the cosmos, and also the barionic matter (children as we are of the stars), the dark matter and the dark energy. The scientific paradigm is beyond us. Clear minds will come and continue to advance, hypnotized by complex dances of quarks, flavors, colors, amazing particles, dimensions and subtle realities that multiply right now.

_____ . _____

Life Equation

_____ . _____

The World in an Equation

plus neutrino masses and mixing and dark matter

_____ . _____

The Most Important Equation in the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe

Alexander Friedmann

Ethan Siegel

_____ . _____

Other awesome equations that you can’t miss

Paul Dirac Formula

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle

Boltzmann’s entropy equation

Hawking’s radiation temperature equation

Schrödinger’s equation

Broglie’s equation

Albert Einstein’s famous formula


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