A tale on reality

“I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”
R. P. Feynman (1965), The Character of Physical Law, MIT Press, 123.



This is about a tale on reality. A real punch searching for the interactions and laws who govern our universe. We’re limited far away for infinite numbers of assumptions. The point key reside in the comoving observer and the scenario evolving the discrete fabric of spacetime, its consistence. The limits and magnitude of this compile all the information in the macroscopic world and the microscopic level.

Where are us? In a tiny blue planet who suffer an unknown pandemic new stage? Open the door to the realm of fear and isolated behavior in terms of changing the momentum (depending upon the variables mass and velocity indeed). Any change affects the local system.

The equilibrium isn’t a nature law (entropy is far more efficient) for instance in the economic and social civilizations: war don’t solve human conflicts, famine describe inequality, climate change is the result of overexploitation of the planet resources, information control mark the line thought minorities lobbies and members of the working class, and so on. Because we have a human brain with certain amount of intelligence, able to high communication codes, play, and create sophisticate tools, and also being a problem solving, the pick of our evolution will be close.

We’re the result of the breaking symmetries of the universe who produce creatures conscious of being conscious. Why do people think? What is its function? The more distant is the environment in terms of space, the more ahead of the present point it must be in terms of time. Is matter made up with waves or particles? Do you have the answer in the original double-slit experiment? Or you will be the next new Laureate Nobel Prize in antimatter interferometry (reconstructing the interferometric pattern with micrometric accuracy), and then prove the quantum-mechanical origin and the wave nature of the positrons imbalancing the matter and antimatter in the universe, buzzing with particle-antiparticle pairs, until disrupt the whole system? May God play with us?

On March 3, 1998, a New York Times headline announced quite accurately that “Shocked Cosmologists Find Universe Expanding Faster.” By other hand the mass density of the universe increases as one looks backward in time. At the beginning the total energy of the universe may be zero (Matter and Radiation Positive + Gravitational Field Negative). Our stable atoms was formed around 380,000 years after the Big Bang. We’re the decayed product of recombination. As ordinary matter all of us are in fact the sons of the Standard Model. Thanks to the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, on 4 July 2012, we had observed a new particle in the mass region around 125 GeV, about 125 times the mass of a proton, a positively charged particle in an atom’s nucleus.

The prize to slip the Higg’s boson into the pocket of mankind is something like be the Bose-Einstein gas trapped in a glass container. The enormous importance for our understanding has gone. Playing God assume and take for granted powers beyond our control. Better don’t risk introducing ourselves on the risk zone. It’s being uncomfortable that reminds us: You’re not where you want to be. Welcome to the hazard area of the unknown!



My goal now is make a Coherent System where to put the science laws based on my quantum arena. It will be hard because we’re educated to obey the classical paradigm, the newtonian laws, with the big picture on the forefront of our consciousness: “what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)”. Generally people will understand and grasp the clockwork universe which all the particles and forces without blink. That’s inside the human condition, this is the way of making sense of the physical world, bringing the object of our desire to a material reality. Then we can sign the blank paper with invisible ink “The absence of evidence is evidence of absence”.

Locality is everything in a Coherent System. First, we need an observer, someone with the skills and will to describe reality, and also interact with its rules. The observer by default is an entity in the spacetime (in a one-dimensional line through the observable universe, two-dimensional plane with discontinuous properties, three-dimensional space knotted up) whenever a symmetry is broken by the lack of magnetic monopoles.

For an average human being –with freedom of thought, expression and movement– who make an experiment the more accurate address is the Earth (forget in this case the little things: country, town, income, studies,…), the Solar System, Orion Arm or Local Spur (about 25,000 to 28,000 light years from the galactic center), the Milky Way, the Local Group, the Virgo Supercluster, in the center of the Universe observable (estimated to be around 93 billion light years in diameter). Tongue-in-cheek, you can’t stop the observer at relativistic speed outside its own universe, or count all the electrons, the elementary particles orbiting atomic nuclei of the scientist. You can only measure values of the location or velocity of the observer. Values are probability terms.

In our Coherent System the Observer emit a human wave (HΨ) and don’t collapse itself in the macroscopic scale. He or She is alive during the experiment of various possible measurement outcomes. This measurement outcomes are the natural world (where we don’t make a profound distinction between “what we observe” and “what really is.”). In this scenario, appears a strange paradox with the HΨ: this Coherent System is able to exist and perform also with the austere quantum mechanics (AQM), the Everett’s Many-Worlds.

At this point we want to establish a few rules about the Coherent System.

  • Without the Observer (O), who emit a human wave (HΨ), the Coherent System (CS) non exist.

\O (HΨ) = ∅ CS

  • With the Observer (O) who emit a human wave (HΨ), the Coherent System (CS) exist.

O (HΨ) = CS

  • In the Macroscopic World (Einstein’s General Theory) and Microscopic World (AQM) exist in the Planck length –about 10-35 meters – the quantum jitter, quantizing the space λ → 0.

MW∩AQM = λ → 0

  • The Coherent System exist, CS (MW∩AQM) = A, and -A is the Coherent System Antimatter, both A and -A are independent systems, satisfying the probabilistic relation P(A∩-A) = P(A) × P(-A). Showing P(A | -A) = P(A), that is, the probability of event A occurring indeed is not altered by information of whether or not -A has occurred.



Let me argue some theories about the Big Bang. If we go back in the interval from roughly 10 seconds to 20 minutes after the Big Bang, when space and time don’t exist in the Primordial nucleosynthesis, from it was formed the mass of the original matter, and energy. The Universe we observe is based on the Universe Relic radiation data, in others words, the formation of the excess matter from gamma quantum by letting asymmetry between matter and antimatter in proportion (109 + 1) to 109 (Standard model). Belinsky, Khalatnikov and Lifshitz proved that the Universe oscillates around a gravitational singularity, in which time and space become equal to zero. Actually our universe is infinite and flat. But if we go backwards, previous the first Planck time, tP, or approximately 10−43 seconds, where the φ-field kinetic energy is converted to matter and radiation, but previously we have 2 stages:

1. A negative universe with the Hubble parameter zero before the Big Bang.

−∞U + ä <0, equal to our Probabilistic CS (MW∩AQM)

2. The scalar kinetic energy density where the acceleration create the first spacetime singularity, (∞1/a6) > ∞U + ä >1S, where we can assume P(A | -A) = P(A)

3. In this way we construct a chain of sets universes:

P(A), {P(A)}, {{P(A)}}, {{{P(A)}}},…

4. Because all Coherent System hold its own scalar (S), every Universe follow the MW∩AQM laws obeying in this case the initial stage of the universe.



Now I will to expose to you a possible vision about our Universe. Our flat Universe in expansion suffer the Dark Energy and Dark Matter (gravitational unknown forces). I am not going to enter into the details of Dark Matter or Dark Energy (WIMP, SUSY…). Although we don’t know their nature, let’s think of them as our life mattress. Imagine that our universe whose true dimensions we can imagine as a great soap bubble, whose outer membrane collide with other soap bubbles, neighboring universes (with similar physical laws). In the case of a collision we can draw an analogy with a supernova.

The universe of greater mass engulfs the other and the Big Bang occurs. It would also be plausible to see it as a white hole, we would then speak of a white universe. Between one universe and another there would be different units of time, gravitational forces and energy fields. Another possibility is that our soap bubble universe is absorbed into a massive universe bubble companion, and in this process one universe inherits the relic CMB from the other. They are speculations that I make out in loud voice.


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