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Barcelona’s Multiverse

Lluís Bussé presents an astonishing and imaginary Barcelona with a photo-collage exhibition at Palau Robert until the 11th September.

Bussé’s photomontages often border the surrealism of dreams: The Sagrada Familia Church next to the Mar Bella beach, or a surfer riding the waves on the sea in Plaça Catalunya. These are two of the most shocking and surprising images of the exhibition “Barcelona’s Multiverse” at the Palau Robert.
Beach by the Sagrada Familia. (c) L. Bussé
This photographer and philosopher proposes a stroll around a non-existing and captivating Barcelona created with different images of the city. Bussé juxtaposes and fits together images of well-known locations and monuments, thus creating a city with alternative and fascinating scenarios: a new Barcelona is created after exploring the length and breadth of the city and taking thousands of photographs, the resulting images offering a parallel universe that surprises and renders an original and unaccostumed perspective of the city.
The multiverse theory
The photographer’s creative exercise is based upon the “multiverse” theory developed by the mathematician Hugh Everett: our universe is just one of multiple possible universes. The physicist Max Tegmark reinforces this idea by classifying the existing universes into different levels. The first-level “multiverse” points to the existence of parallel universes governed by the same physical laws and constants as ours and which, therefore, show striking similarities. In this sense, Bussé’s Barcelona is therefore contradictory: it seems real and dreamlike at the same time. “The spectator soon realizes that what he contemplates is not true, but he feels attracted by such lie”, Bussé claims. For this reason, the photographer did not retouch any of the 38 images, in order to respect the equity of physics.
Surfers next to pl. Catalunya. (c) L. Bussé